Clinical Professionals
Help Shape the Medical Innovations of the Future
How it works
Your expert clinical opinion is vital when new medical, technologies are being developed by industry. The MedTech CONNECT portal will enable you to help shape the medical innovations of the future, ensuring they are fully focussed on the needs of patients, carers and staff. You will provide direct in-put early on in the product development process working with some of the UK's most innovative medical technology companies.
The MedTech CONNECT Provides Clinical Proffesionals with the following
Registration Facility
The registration process is quick and simple and only takes 5 minutes to complete. Once registered on the portal, your information will only be made available to SMEs after careful screening by the MedTech NAVIGATOR team. If a company requests contact with you, we will liaise with you to facilitate that engagement, should you wish to participate. You will be able to request a fee for your time and the Navigator team will be able to support any confidentiality or IP issues arising from your engagement with companies. There is no obligation to engage with an SME should contact be made and the choice to work with an SME will be at your discretion. 
Registered clinicians will have an opportunity to help shape new medical technologies
Expert clinical opinion is vital to the medical technology industry to address unmet clinical needs and to ensure new products are ‘fit for purpose’ within the NHS. Whilst recognised as being central to the product development process, medical technology companies often struggle to identify relevant stakeholders in an efficient and timely manner. By registering on the collaboration portal, companies can identify potential partners for collaborative R&D projects.
Enable newest and best medical treatments to be made available to patients
Once registered, your participation will help ensure that:
  • The newest and best medical treatments are available to your patients
  • Innovations consider the clinical perspective during the development phase Important opportunities can be channelled to you and your team 
  • You can gain recognition by being involved in the latest medical advances
  • Your department may secure new income streams through new clinical trials and research collaborations 
  • Ultimately you may find new ways to improve patient outcomes within available resources
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